School Uniform

The Governors of the school believe that a school uniform is an important contributor to the overall success of the school and therefore expect that the school uniform will be worn by all children including those in the Nursery.

Why having a school uniform is important to Porthleven School:

The governing body believes that a school uniform is important in building the pupils’ sense of identity and belonging to the community of the school. It instils a sense of pride in the school and supports positive behaviour. It is one of the symbols of the ethos of the school and protects children from social pressures whatever their race, religion, gender or background.

There are other advantages to having a school uniform which are important to the governing body such as security. A uniform enables pupils to be identified easily and means that any intruders can be identified swiftly.

What the uniform consists of:

School shoes:  Black low heeled / Plain black running trainers (No skate shoes)

School jumper: Blue fleece, sweatshirt or cardigan

Trousers: Black/ grey tailored trousers

Shirt: Pale blue polo shirt

Skirt: Grey/Black

Dresses Blue check

Socks/Tights: Grey, white or Blue (No leggings)

Earrings Studs only

No jewellery is allowed except medical bracelets, watches, birthday & school badges.

No make-up

No hair dye

No extreme haircuts/styles – lines, patterns shaved into hair, Mohicans or half-shaved head haircuts/styles.


*These items plus an optional royal blue light weight school coat, reversible fleece coat and winter beanie hat may be ordered on line from our uniform supplier. Instructions are available from the school office or via the link below:

Porthleven Primary School – Whirlwind Sports

If parents are unable to order online, a form is available to complete from the school office and the school will place the on-line order on the parents’ behalf.