What is the EYFS Curriculum at Porthleven School?

We plan our curriculum each year to reflect the needs of the current cohort of children and the outcomes of the previous year’s curriculum.

We make full use of the children’s interest and fascinations. Sometimes these form the focus of short programmes of work for 3 -6 weeks.

But we also use new stimuli including stories so that children’s interest broaden to themes they may not have thought of, for example “what lives in the ocean”

We pay attention to coverage of each strand of learning, linking in learning where it is most appropriate within our themes. Some themes have a strong focus on one area of learning while others focus on another. Through careful planning, we ensure that by the end of the year, each strand has the coverage needed to ensure children progress towards the ELGs.

The characteristics of effective learning and the prime areas are embedded in all that we do. To encourage and support children in developing independence, positive relationships and managing their feelings and behaviour we use achievsaurs stickers and our class virtue animals.