Our school values underpin all of the PSHE/RSHE teaching and learning. We aim to embed our values  through the teaching of responsibility, respect, equal opportunities and understanding.

The aim of our curriculum is to ensure our children learn to:

Take Responsibility for themselves as a British citizen and a local citizen. Promoting and developing personal safety, healthy relationships, well-being, interests and confidence, within a secure, nurturing environment.

Have Respect for themselves and others, exploring alternative viewpoints whilst understanding cultural and physical diversity.

Embrace Equal Opportunities available to them and understand it is for all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, disability, religious beliefs.

Have Understanding of how all of these elements lead to a well-rounded child, who makes good decisions; is actively contributing to the community they serve; develops their own character and has a clear understanding of the pathway their life is taking whilst appreciating and respecting the life choices of others.

Curriculum statement for the teaching and learning of PSHE

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