At Porthleven, we believe every pupil should leave school being numerate.  Our math’s curriculum takes pupils on a coherent journey to ensure that pupils have a sound understanding of the structure of mathematics and how this can be used to solve problems and challenges in different contexts.  When teaching mathematics, we intend to provide a curriculum which caters for the needs of all individuals and sets them up with the necessary skills and knowledge for them to become successful. Lesson weave fluency, reasoning and problem solving throughout, providing opportunities to make links with prior knowledge and to challenge pupil understanding.

Our aim is for pupils to deepen their resilience and enjoy the process of reasoning and problem solving.  They are taught to explain their choice of methods and use mathematical terms with accuracy. We encourage resilience, adaptability, and acceptance that struggle is often a necessary step in learning. We aim for them to leave our school equipped with required mathematical skills to thrive in later life.

Mathematics Intent Statement

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